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Stonehuts at Kastad Farm in Gjøvik

Unique accommodation - stone cabins at Kastad Gård, Gjøvik.

In the middle of the field, with a beautiful view over Lake Mjøsa, Sverre Braastad cleared stones every summer until he was over 90 years old. In 2020, Eva and Patrick set up a beautiful stone hut of these stones and furnished it for guests.
The stone cabin became so popular that in 2021 they chose to build two new stone cabins. These are winter isolated and can be slept in all year round. The comfort is impeccable and the breakfast unforgettable. A 3-course dinner is served to those who wish.

The stone cabins at Kastad is a fantastic experience for those who want to experience something completely unique.
Kastadtjernet and Ramberget are popular hiking destinations nearby, the stone cabins are in the middle!

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Welcome to Kastad!

Last updated: 12/08/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Stonehuts at Kastad Farm in Gjøvik

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