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Tamsøya - A journey back in time

Tamsøya – a unique stop on the way to Northcape. Take “a journey back in time” on an island almost completely to yourself.

After a fast-paced 15-minute RIB trip in the Porsanger fjord, you arrive at peaceful Tamsøya, where all you will hear are the sounds of the birds and the crashing waves. Tamsøya is a private owned island and was declared a preservation zone by the King of Norway in the 1600s because of its lush vegetation and prominent birdlife. You can spend the night in one of our charming cabins, which were originally built in the 1950’s. We fetch water from the well and heat the cabins by fireplace – the old school way. This is the perfect place to wind down and explore unique nature with unlimited photo opportunities. Here you will sleep in freshly ironed linens, eat fresh homemade bread for breakfast and enjoy a three-course meal in historic surroundings with a remarkable view of Porsanger fjord and Sværholt peninsula. You will also get a chance to taste Tamsøya-cloudberries, a Norwegian delicacy that stands out for its intense color and flavor. At Tamsøya it’s the nature, quietness, charming interiors, closeness to the sea and birdlife that sets us apart. Here the sun shines 24 hours a day between 13.may-30. july, which explains the lush vegetation despite its arctic location. Every summer, thousands of birds hatch on the island, and in August we harvest several tons of cloudberries by hand. Tamsoya has previously been one of Norway’s largest harvesters of down, with up to 250 kg harvested per year. This industry ended in the 60’s. Today, down is only harvested for personal use. We would love to tell our guests more about the history of Tamsøya from the 1600s until present day. You can choose between different activities such as kayaking, a 2-day long «cabin to cabin» hike around the island, overnight stay in Goahtis, day trips, recounting of the island’s history and RIB safari to Sværholt peninsula. We would love to put together activity-packages specifically tailored to our guests, and we also offer guided tours.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Book Finnmark

Tamsøya - A journey back in time

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