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Tenting in Asker and Bærum

Our tips to 5 nice tent sites in Asker and Bærum. Accommodation in nature is a great opportunity to get out and create new great memories. Feel the magic of nature's silence, the birds' song, the stream's stream and the morning light that tickles your eyes. We have selected 5 beautiful tent sites in the open that are suitable whether you are alone, with friends, with children and family.

5 nice tent sites in Asker and Bærum

Accommodation in nature is a great opportunity to get out and create new great memories. Feel the magic of nature's silence, the birds' song, the stream's stream and the morning light that tickles your eyes. We have selected 5 beautiful tent sites in the open that are suitable whether you are alone, with friends, with children and family.

Remember warm clothes, good footwear, headlamps, follow the fire rules and bring all waste back.

Tour suggestions:

1. Østernvann or Lathus, Fossum

2. Burudvann, Lommedalen

3. Rabben and Elnestangen, Vollen, Asker

4. Sandbukta, Tofte, Asker

5. Kjekstadmarka, Asker

The right of public access gives us fantastic opportunities to use the nature around us, as long as we take into account landowners, each other, plants and animals. Feel free to familiarize yourself with this before you go on a trip.

Infields are areas such as courtyards, house plots, cultivated land and similar areas where public traffic will be a nuisance for the owner of the land.

Outfield can be explained as anything that is not infield; forests, mountains, bogs and coastal areas, which make up most of the region.

1. Østernvann and Kråka, Fossum, Bærum

Østernvann is a popular hiking destination in Bærumsmarka, just a short bike ride or walk from Fossum. There are several good tent and hammock places around the entire lake, but there are most visitors where the hiking trails come up in the south and east. On the upper side, there is a nice, large open space along the gravel road that is well suited for a tent trip with the little ones. Nice hiking trails along the entire water. Østernvann does not have toilets, waste disposal and established campfire sites that many other places have.

Less known is the tent site near Lathus, known as Kråka on the west side of Bogstadvannet. Here there is an elongated lawn, a small sandy beach, nice campfire and barbecue and two nice outdoor toilets. Nice starting point for canoe trips on Bogstadvann and up Sørkedalselven. Good sun conditions all day with a view to Bogstad Golf Course and Holmenkollen. On the way to the square, follow the Lysaker River towards Bogstad, past Hammarbrua and Osdammen. The water from the dam in Hammarfossen was used to drive a large hammer to hammer out nails, plates and other objects in iron. The tent site is located at the end of Fossumveien past the site with timber storage. Keep on the walking path to the right along the water when the road splits.

Both lakes are scenic and easily accessible by both car and public transport such as bus to Fossum and Metro 2 to Ekraveien.

2. Burudvann, Lommedalen

Burudvann is a gem in the countryside, with a spacious fine sandy beach, good sun conditions and several nice headlands to set up tents and hammocks. The spaces by the dam are most popular. There is a network of hiking trails full of blueberry heather as an alternative to the forest road. On the east side, the Lions have set up a lavvo a few km inland, then take the first hiking trail to the right. Cage water has a lot of fish. Among other things, trout are released here, but bream is also a frequent occurrence on the hook. Respect the fishing rules and buy a fishing license in advance.

Burudvann has a floating jetty with diving board, toilet, dining table, fixed grill, bathing jetty, nice fire place and rubbish bins. Suitable for bringing a canoe. Easy access from free parking at Burudveien. About 1 km walk along the forest road. For those who want a longer trip, continue the road towards the north end of the water where it is also nice to camp and smaller people.

3. Rabben and Elnestangen, Vollen in Asker

With proximity to Vollen, this is a great place to combine a tent trip with the small town experience, a trip to the Oslo Fjord Museum and a good brunch the next day at one of the pleasant cafes in the city center. Bring Frisbee and play frisbee golf on the green areas in Svelvikbukta towards Arnestad school a stone's throw away from Elnestangen.

Nice tent sites on the headlands along the coast, which were once a storage site for ice blocks when the area supplied the major cities in Europe with ice. Access to toilets. Beautiful sandy beaches both in Vollen and the other way towards Sjøstrand.

Easily accessible by public transport; the bus to Slemmestad or fast boat from Aker Brygge to Vollen. By car, take off from Slemmestadveien by Vollen sports park and follow the road to the car park near the music kindergarten.

Take a detour from Vollen to the sports field at Slemmestad Ungdsomsskole; see the 400 million old fossils of squid and snails in the rock wall along the long side of the course and learn about the unique geology in the Oslo belt and visit Trilobox in Slemmestad center with an exhibition from the geology in the area.

4. Sandbukta, Tofte in Asker

Sandbukta is a popular hiking destination for swimming and outdoor life at the far end of the Hurum Peninsula. Locals believe it is the Oslo Fjord's finest part of the coastal path. Sandbukta is protected as a nature reserve, with a tent site in the beach zone northeast of the bay, regulated as an area for open space and swimming area.

The surrounding areas have burial mounds from the Bronze Age, rich animal and plant life and you may be visited by seals from the colonies on the small islands outside. Remember fishing rod, good opportunities to secure today's dinner. Access to toilet and renovation.

Follow the coastal strait from Sagene west of Tofte, over Preiserstranda and over Østnestangen (in some places it is so steep that ropes have been laid).

Otherwise, the area has several pleasant campsites on Rødtangen, Knatvoldstranda and Solbærstøa and has throughout history been a favorite destination during the summer season for the people of Oslo and artists. Popular sights nearby are Rødtangen, the small town of Holmsbu and Filtvedt and the polar boat Maud which is located in the quay at Tofte.

5. Skapertjern, Kjekstadmarka in Asker

Skapertjern is a fine forest lake and a popular hiking destination in the south of Kjekstadmarka. The water is surprisingly large. The tent sites on the headland in the southeast and by the dam in the southwest are most popular. Large and beautiful tent site in the far north by Tjernsløkka, with boulders and beautiful grassland. There is a wide and nice forest path along the entire east side of the water, which makes more nice tent sites well accessible. Fishing and swimming are popular activities for young and old. Remember fishing rod, fishing license and respect the fishing rules.

Parking space at Myrvoll at the end of Skapertjernveien in Lier. 10 minutes walk, 0.8 km into the water. Nice gravel forest path all the way in. If you want a longer trip, follow the blue-marked path from Gjellebekk P (5 km) and Damtjern P (6 km).

Our tips for more fun;

Bring a nail knife, make bark boats (or bring plank scraps from home) and have a boat race with a nice prize for the winner

Make nature farm with cone animals

Bring twine and a paring knife, then you have everything you need to make a bow and arrow. Free to be a Native American chief :-)

Walk on the shore along the coastal path, collecting mussels. Did you get enough to cook soup for supper? Add a box of tomatoes, chili, garlic, shallots and white wine or apple juice. Salt and pepper. Bon apetite.

**Good hiking**

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Tenting in Asker and Bærum

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