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The Ørje fortress hike

About 4 km - up to Ørje fortress - good shoes are recommended.

The Ørje Fort round hike
About 4 km - up to Ørje fortress - good shoes are recommended.

The tour starts at E18 behind the tourist information at Ørje locks. Above the canal bridge goes a path leading up to the northern fort, one of the border fortresses from 1905. From there there is a magnificent view of the Halden Canal and Ørje. This is also one of the gateways to Fjella (The largest wood area in this region), a nice outdoor area with a network of trails both summer and winter. From the fortress you can take the dirt road road down to Ørje health resort and follow the road down to the canal bridge again.

The Ørje fortress or Ørje fortifications are a common term for two forts, the Likollen fortress and the Ørjekollen fortress.

The forts were built in 1902-03 to cover the interstate road, today E18, over Ørje which was the most important entry from Sweden. They are part of the border fortresses, which would serve as a buffer if the Swedes attacked the country. The fortresses were set up with 1300 men and considered modern and protected by barbed wire barriers and trenches. From the Swedish side, the fortress were described as storm-free, they would be very difficult to take in infantry attacks.  There was no war. According to the agreement signed with the Swedes in Karlstad in 1905, the fortresses were demolished.

Now Nordre fort and "Fortrunden" is a popular trip. From the northern fort there is a nice view of Ørje Brug and the locks area. Swedes and others are now welcomed to the fortresses.

Along the roundabout, several informational signs have been set up on flora and fauna and on cultural monuments that you walk by.

Source: Visit Indre Østfold


The Ørje fortress hike

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