The Cultural Trail Straumen - Vangshylla in Inderøy


The cultural trail from Vangshylla to Straumen likely traces the path of the very first country road on Utøy, following the fjord where the initial settlements were established. Today, this trail stretches for nearly 18 kilometers, encompassing 62 different parcels of land. You can opt to hike the entire trail (taking 5-6 hours) or select from several natural segments.

Throughout the trail, you'll encounter numerous cultural, historical, and botanical points of interest, each thoughtfully explained on dedicated information boards (around 50 in total). These boards provide insights into historical landmarks, local flora and fauna, and the people who once called this area home. For a virtual journey along the route with detailed descriptions of all historical sites, you can visit

Trail Map

The foldable hiking map displays the entire cultural trail and is a handy companion during your excursion. You can find these maps at the trail's starting points or order them online here:

NEW: One-Way Hiking with Bike Return

Starting in 2019, we offer the convenience of one-way bike rentals along the route. This means you can hike a single leg or section, be it the full route or a portion of it, and the bikes will be waiting for you at the designated endpoint. You can book bike rentals through our website.

Last updated: 10/05/2023

Source: Innherred Reiseliv

The Cultural Trail Straumen - Vangshylla in Inderøy

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