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The Folk Museum at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre

The Folk Museum at Stiklestad consists of approximately 30 buildings and around 30,000 artifacts and photographs that depict life in the rural community of Verdal and its surroundings during the 17th and 18th centuries. It is an integral part of the Stiklestad National Culture Center.

The buildings and the surrounding areas are often used for live historical reenactments. During events like "Viking Summer" and "Christmas Again," the houses come to life with people inside them, engaging in activities, singing, and music.

Some of the buildings you can experience include:

Trøndelåna Molåna: A Trønderlån from the Mo nordre farm, constructed in 1783 by Elling Lyng and Catarina Rebekka Meyer. Trønderlåna showcases how the main building on a larger farm could look.

Husmannsplassen: A combined living quarters and outhouse from the Rye husmannsplass under the Snausen farm in Leirådalen, dating back to around 1850. This homestead provides insight into the living conditions of tenant farmers and their families towards the end of the 1800s.

Levringslåven: A barn from the Levring farm in Inndalen, Verdal, constructed around 1820. In Levringslåven, threshing took place while food was traditionally stored in the storehouse, the baker worked in the bakery, and the merchant operated in the store.

Almoåsstuggu: A small Trønderlån built in 1823 on the modest Almoås østre farm in Skjelstadmarka, Stjørdal. Almoåsstuggu represents the substantial middle-class group of farmers.

Kongsstuggu: A mountain lodge that provided accommodation for travelers along Karl Johan's road between Ådalsvollen and Skalstugan, constructed in the 1830s.

Lyngsburet: A two-story storehouse from one of the village's large farms, Lyng near Stiklestad. It was built in the 1850s.

Stiklestad National Culture Center offers guided tours of the museum.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


The Folk Museum at Stiklestad National Cultural Centre

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