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The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection.

Airplane museum for old aircrafts near OSL Gardermoen.

Visit this unique collection of close to 40 historic aircrafts ranging from Norway’s first of 1912 vintage to jet fighters that flew at more than twice the speed of sound.

The museum, located at south-west Gardermoen, unravels the fascinating story of Norwegian military airpower in times of peace and war. 

Experience the pioneering era, dramatic years of war, the tension of the Cold War and a technical progress without parallel. Also to be seen are theme displays entertaining and educational to all age groups. 

In between you can relax in the museum’s café or visit the gift shop. There is also a separate play area for children. And why not try out the cockpit of a real jet fighter for that experience so seldom available to other than ‘the chosen few’? 

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Ample free parking. Welcome!

Member of Visit Greater Oslo 

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


The Norwegian Armed Forces Aircraft Collection.

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