The Pilgrim Paths in Vestfold

Try out the new hiking trail that runs through Vestfold. It is part of the national pilgrim route and has been named Tunsbergleden. Here you can walk on the pilgrim's path and experience Vestfold's cultural history from the Middle Ages.

Tunsbergleden takes you through beautiful cultural landscape, past small farms, towns, rivers, forests and coast. On historic paths and roads, you pass several famous cultural monuments like Kaupang, Istrehågan, Gokstadhaugen, Vikingodden in Tønsberg, Borrehaugene, Midgard Viking Center and Gildehallen on Borre.

The pilgrim route is suitable for anyone who wants to go for a walk and is especially adapted for long walks. The tour is suitable for those who want to walk alone or for those who want to share their experiences with others. The terrain is simple and suits most people. There are also several accommodation and dining options along the Tunsberg Trail.

The pilgrim route through Vestfold starts in Larvik and goes 110 kilometres north towards Haslum church in Bærum. There the Tunsberg trail meets Gudbrandsleden, which goes on to Trondheim.

Last updated: 07/31/2023

Source: Visit Vestfold

The Pilgrim Paths in Vestfold

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