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The Strawberry peak in Lommedalen - hiking tour

Hiking to the Strawberry Peak in the north of Lommedalen to enjoy scenic view over the forest and the Oslo Fjord. Duration about 6 hours.

Experience the beautiful scenery around Oslo - we guide you to places where you have the feeling of being totally "alone".  Scenic trip to to the "Strawberry peak" north in Lommedalen where you´ll experience the most beautiful view of the Lommedalen and out through the Oslo Fjord. We make bonfires and enjoy light food and something hot to drink during the cold season.

Approximately 2 hours walk from the By bus stop in Lommedalen. 2 km hilly road, and about 2 km steady climb to the top of the trail. A total of about 6 hours of hiking.

Meetingplace at By in Lommedalen. Access by own car / transport (good parking facilities) or by bus from Oslo, which takes about 1 hour from the center of Oslo.

Member of Visit Greater Oslo

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


The Strawberry peak in Lommedalen - hiking tour

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