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Leirvik i Sogn

The Trondheim Postal Road

Den Trondhjemske Postvei runs through astonishing nature - along lakes and over rivers, and through cultural imbedded villages. The postal road is a historical heritage from the past.

The Trondhjem postal route was central to the mail route between Bergen-Molde-Trondheim, and every week between 1806 and 1868, mail was sent along this route. In 1868 the road was closed in favor of the road through Vadheimsdalen. A total of 19 stone bridges were built to connect the postal road between Dale and Leirvik, and many of them still stand as proud and beautiful examples of early drystone craftsmanship.

Den Trondhjemske Postvei continues with county road 57, which is a partially marked route. If you are going to embark on the postal road by bicycle, it is recommended that you take a mountain bike and good equipment with you. Only parts of the road can be cycled on today, as the path is partly overgrown with some steep sections. Therefore, at some parts, one is bound to cycle along county road 57, and today the road is best suited as a hike. If you embark on Den Trondhjemske Postvei, you are guaranteed the chance to experience a piece of Norwegian history, in addition to real, unique, nature.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


The Trondheim Postal Road

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