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The Women's Museum

The Women's Museum in Norway, Kvinnemuseet, is located in a beautiful villa in Swiss style, dating from 1857. It is in the vicinity of the 17th century fortress and the well conserved wooden buildings of Øvrebyen, the oldest part of Kongsvinger town.

The raison d'être of The Women's Museum is to collect documentation of the life and work of women through history up to the present time. The museum also deals with various gender issues – and the changing roles of gender through history. The Women's Museum hopes to inspire and further a better development in our society for both women and men.

Every summer the museum shows cultural historical exhibitions and/or contemporary art works, together with its four permanent exhibitions.

The house was the native home of the famous Norwegian writer Dagny Juel.

You can also visit the delightful cafè within the museum. Try their Bohemian cake!

Source: Visit Kongsvingerregionen


The Women's Museum

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