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Town-to-town day trip from Moelv to Brumunddal

Walk from town to town, and return by train or bus
This way-marked route between the two Ringsaker towns, Moelv and Brumunddal, starts on tarmac and then continues through gentle forest terrain, past fields and meadows, and along trails and old country lanes.

Starting point is the railway station in either Brumunddal or Moelv, where parking is also available. The walk from Moelv to Brumunddal offers the best views. Whichever direction you choose, a good tip is to start with the train or bus ride and avoid having to worry about timetables when you walk.

This description is the route from Moelv to Brumunddal.
From the railway station in Moelv, walk past Garveriet, follow river Moelva to the waterworks dam, and continue along the forest road to Skjelle at Tandeskogvegen. Follow the farm road to Skybergtangen, turn onto Kræmervegen and the new trail to Geithus, Båberghaugen, and the Storlisdammen lake.

A detour to Bolstadbakken, offering spectacular views of Rudshøgda with both the Prøysen Cottage and the Prøysen Museum, is recommended. Some of this stretch leads across pastures with grazing animals. Please show consideration, remember that dogs must be kept on a leach, and close all gates behind you. Storlisdammen is in an idyllic location, ideal for a picnic or a swim. You have now reached the halfway point between the two towns.

From Storlisdammen, continue up to Husom, follow Houmsvegen to Veslelien, and continue through Kosshagan to the Storlisvegen/ Prestvegen junction. At Veldrebygda, there are breathtaking views of Brumunddal and Furnesfjorden. Continue past Jemtland and Fagerlund school. From Sveumvegen, follow the river promenade and continue past the market square and down to railway station in Brumunddal.

- See route map.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Town-to-town day trip from Moelv to Brumunddal

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