Turgleder makes the Arctic wilderness accessible. The howling wind or the sound of silence, it`s the wilderness that calls! Have you ever considered doing something "wild and challenging"? Maybe it`s already your habit? Even if it is not, we offer an opportunity for you to fulfill your dreams of the arctic Norwegian nature in an eco friendly, safe and comfortable way.

Experience the land of wilderness through activities and adventures recognised by high quality and a sustainable, ecological use of nature. All our arrangements are built on active participation by you as our guest. We focus on smaller groups which wears less on the environment and gives you a more intense and personal experience. We offer pre-designed activities which are open for booking as well as tailor-made adventures for individuals, groups and enterprises. Summer activities: Daytrips: Canoeing, guided fishing and hiking Holidays: Activities week, Sámi adventures, canoeing trips and fishing Courses: Arctic nature course, digital nature photography and first aid Tailor-made adventures, holidays and courses: We will gladly help you create your adventure holiday experience, including for example accommodation, food, adventures and transportation. If there are any subjects regarding outdoor life that you wish to learn more about, please do challenge us! Do not hesitate to contact us with an enquiry. Please see our homepage www.turgleder.com for further information.

Last updated: 08/14/2023

Source: Book Finnmark


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