Turtagrø - Nedre Dyrhaugsrygg - Turtagrø

This relatively easy walk provides a spectacular view towards the Skagastølstindane and other peaks in the famous Hurrungane mountain range. You pass several interesting sights and summer farms (stølar) on the way.

The route is marked with cairns and red T's and starts with a good path in open, level country straight towards the Dyrhaugsryggen ridge itself.

A couple of hundred metres from Turtagrø the path crosses the river on a fine, old wooden bridge. Not far beyond the bridge the river forks - one branch coming from Helgedalen and Fannaråken and another from Skagastølsdalen. The path crosses the river
from Skagastølsdalen. Use the stepping stones to cross in the dry.

Climbing towards Dyrhaugsryggen, the path first rises steeply in sharp turns to the left of the waterfall. In several places the path is built up on fine stone walls. At the top of the first climb you catch sight of a stream of white water a little higher up. A dam leads the water into a tunnel to feed a power station. The path crosses the dam. The path continues to the right of the river until you reach some large stones. Here you must turn right and continue gently up to Nedre Dyrhaug, where you come to a small tarn, see new peaks and get a fantastic view to the west.

Down to Skagastølen the path is steep and sometimes slippery. At Skagastølen the path is marked back to the path you came up by, just under the waterfall. Follow the same route back to the starting point.

Last updated: 06/20/2023

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Turtagrø - Nedre Dyrhaugsrygg - Turtagrø

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