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With its beautiful lighthouse the island of Utvær boasts both historical significance and captivating natural surroundings.

Utvær is Norway's westernmost island group with the country's westernmost lighthouse. It boasts both historical significance and captivating natural surroundings.Fishing has always been the main source of income on Utvær Proximity to the fishing fields made it a centre for seasonal fishing. No-one lives there on a permanent basis any more, but a lot of tourists come to visit during the summer. The imposing lighthouse was built in 1900, its cast-iron structure towering 31 metres above the top of the mountain. The beam of light is projected 45 metres above sea level across the surface of the ocean, blinking every 30 seconds and visible up to 35 km out in the North Sea.

Lighthouse safari to Utvær

In the summer you can join a Lighthouse safari to Utvær. The tour departs from Hardbakke in Solund. Depending on the weather, the tour will head north or south of Ytre Sula and through the island kingdom of Solund. On Utvær, you'll follow the North Sea Trail around the island with a guide. Along the way, you'll see remains of the chapel that was moved in 1718 and marks where stones were used to sharpen swords. There will be chance to go up the lighthouse and enjoy the stunning view! The trip takes 3 hours with about 2 hours stop on Utvær.

Lighthouse safaris are available on request thought out the year. You can read more about the lighthouse safari here.

Viking history

Utvær is famous in history right back to the Viking Age. In 1066 Harald Hardråde sailed out from Solund when he left to conquer England. 200 vessels plus supply boats and other small craft were gathered together, and the saga says that some of the vessels departed from Utvær. The battle ended with defeat at Stamford Bridge. On the east side of the bay near the Likberget, you can see some marks in the mountainside. The story is that these are marks made by Vikings sharpening their swords before leaving on a raid.

Source: Visit FjordKysten



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