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Nore og Uvdal

Uvdal Stave Church

Uvdal Stave Church, as it stands today, does not have its original appearance but is a result of steady expansion and modifications until the 1800s. Each century has added something to it, and so the Church has become a beautiful and quaint example of how building style and decoration from several periods may merge into a rich and harmonious whole.

In 1978, excavations were conducted in Uvdal Stave Church. One found among other items over 500 coins beneath the floor. From these we can conclude that the church was probably built at the end of the 12th century.

 Another interesting discovery was distinct holes in the ground made by pillars from an even older building, that also probably being a church. In one of these holes were two coins from the beginning of the same century, which may indicate the age of the first church.
We do not know how this church might have looked or indeed its size.


Church Distance: 7.4 km.

Location: Rødberg

Time: 7 min. / car

Source: Turistkontoret Uvdal


Uvdal Stave Church

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