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Via Ferrata Telemark

Via Ferrata Telemark "the iron strais" goes up the Skrede mountain and is suitable for families and active children down to the age of approx. 6 years.

Via Ferrata is a climbing route on steep mountain walls equipped with fixed safety devices such as steel cables, rungs, ladders, and bridges.

Via Ferrata Telemark ascends Skrede Mountain. The Via Ferrata route is designed for families and active children aged 7 and above. Rappelling is suitable for those aged 15 and over. Please consider the trip as a 'full-day event.' You can expect to spend 4 hours or more on the excursion.

Description of the trip
You start at Roan Kroa where you register and obtain safety equipment (harness, helmet, water, etc.). Then, you drive to the parking area below the starting point. The first part of Via Ferrata involves a 10-minute walk on a trail leading to the base of the mountain.

Upon reaching the Via Ferrata viewpoint, you attach yourself to the safety cable and stay connected while climbing. There is a halfway stop where you can take a short break, have a drink or a snack, all while enjoying the view before continuing the ascent to the top. At the summit, there is a book where you can write your name and the date of the trip, relishing the sense of accomplishment that naturally comes with conquering the mountain. Pictures, pictures, pictures... this is something you will remember for the rest of your life, so bring a charged phone and/or camera. The way down is clearly marked, and you can follow the trail back to the parking area.

Accommodation on the mountainside
Now you can camp in tents on a terrace on the mountainside. There is space for up to 10 people. You can also opt for "glamping" accommodation with breakfast included and pre-made "beds"!

1. There are safety signs at the parking area and at the entrance to Via Ferrata (also below). Additionally, you should know:

2. Bring at least 1 liter of water. It's a long trip, and you can get tired and thirsty. In summer, the mountain can reflect heat, and you'll need water. Food and drinks can be purchased at Roan Kroa both before and after the ascent.

3. Bring a lightweight wind jacket. It can be windy at the top of the mountain.

4. Do not carry more than 5 kilograms in your backpack. Even if you are an experienced hiker, 5 kilograms can become quite heavy over time, especially when climbing.

5. Never climb alone.

6. Always inform us when you start and when you are back.

Source: Vest Telemark


Via Ferrata Telemark

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