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Vik Ski Resort

Vik Ski Centre is situated in Kålsete in Vik, and it provides facilities for among others biathlon and roller skiing. It has 5 different inruns and jumps (from K60 and down), a children's area, platter lift, a small alpine piste, a lavo and a "skistove" with gastronomy.

Info about Vik Ski Resort

Trail network, winter:

A total of 5 km

3 km light trail until 23:00 in the evenings

Trail network summer;

3 km asphalt trail with lights

Local environmental facility with 500 meters of alpine features

- lavvo,

- toboggan runs

- ski jumps

Parking fee for Vik Idrettslag (Vipps)

Adjacent marked hiking trail and easily accessible to the mountains

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Vik Ski Resort

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