Viking Warrior | Activity center

Let the family enjoy an activity together in Nordfjordeid’s unique Viking-Warrior climbing gym at Hamna Activity Centre. Hamna Activity center have created a unique concept with inspirations from history and nature in Nordfjord.

Nordfjordeid is known for hosting the unique Viking ship -The Myklebust Ship, but now also hold the only existing Viking Warrior climbing rom. The room is decorated with all elements you can find around Nordfjord. This includes a representation (with a twist) of Selja monastery, mountains, glaciers and of course vikings. In the viking room it is possible to climb on all elements and you can test your balance, strength and flexibility. In addition, it’s a great arena for families to have fun together as it is expected that the parents take part in the joy. And yes, all elements can be tested by the parents. If the parents need to rest while the kids are going berserk and fight the Midgard Serpent, they can relax in the lounge where it’s possible to buy refreshments and coffee. All the kids should have clothes that is easy to move in. For safety reasons, shoes are needed. You can bring your own climbing or indoor shoes, alternatively climbing shoes can be rented or bought in the climbing shop. Kids that pay for entry can bring a parent (or other companion) without charge into the Viking room. It is also important for us to ensure the safety for all Vikings that is using the room. This means that everyone, including the children, need to be familiar with and follow the “Safe Children Rules” that applies. Age: 3-12 years (supervision by parent/companion is needed) Opening Hours: - Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 21:00 - Saturday and Sunday: 10:00-20:00 Note that the drop-in prices include access to all the facilities at Hamna Activity centre which includes the Viking room, bouldering area and gym facilities with a huge variety of group sessions. In addition, there is also a climbing shop and possibility for birthday parties. If the parents want access to bouldering area and/or gym facilities the drop-in prices apply. There are also rules and age restrictions in the bouldering area and gym facilities that need to be followed for everyone’s safety.

Last updated: 09/02/2023

Source: Nordfjord

Viking Warrior | Activity center

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