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Mo i Rana

Vitensenter Nordland – A science centre for the whole family

At Mo i Rana’s science centre, Vitensenter Nordland, you can experiment, explore, and learn about the natural world, technology and mathematics. The interactive exhibition encourages you to touch and be active, not just to see. And the centre offers activities for the whole family.

The science centre invites you into the world of mathematics, science and technology, and the centre is designed to let you experiment yourself. The main themes are the natural resources of Nordland County, technology, digital data and virtual modelling. The exhibition is designed to let you try various activities and see for yourself how different phenomena work in practice.

Test your skills – learn about your body
What is your heart rate after you take a run around the track? How fast does your heart rate drop back to normal? Who in your family has the quickest reaction time or the best sense of balance? Investigate this and much more in the exhibitions on Our Body. In the Sensory Room, you can explore your sense of touch and form new impressions, as you listen to strange sounds,.

Explore energy
Energy is what makes things happen. How much energy is required for you to be able to watch your favourite TV program? How long will you have to work out on the gym bicycle to generate that energy? And try out the fascinating Bead Roller Coaster!

A journey in the Planetarium
Step into the Planetarium to learn about the planets of our solar system, and the star constellations that lie light years beyond it. What is a black hole? What creates the Northern Lights in our heavens of the far north? Join us for some exciting space exploration in our 360-degree Planetarium!

A sustainable environment
The science centre has a strong focus on the environment, climate, and sustainable practices. In the Eco Store, you can learn more about what we actually eat, sustainable agriculture, recycling and composting. Play the Climate Game – and learn more about our climate footprint and how human beings are affecting Earth’s climate.

Explore the natural resources of Nordland
The settlement and population distribution of Nordland, past and present, are primarily based on the natural resources available, and how these enable our livelihood. Modern business activity, too, is based on our utilisation of natural resources. Learn more about our history, the sea and its treasures, agriculture and industries.

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Vitensenter Nordland – A science centre for the whole family

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