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Walking up or down Mount Fløyen

A walk suitable for all ages! Enjoy the beautiful views and winding roads from Mount Fløyen down to the city center.

If steep climbs are not for you, you can take the Fløibanen funicular up to the top and walk down to central Bergen. This is a popular walk suitable for people of all ages, and it takes around 1 hour (or less if you are a fast walker). Needless to say, you can walk up to Fløyen too - it just takes a bit longer.

If you have a stroller or buggy, or young children, it’s not a problem. You’ll easily get a place for the buggy on the Fløibanen, and the walk down to Bergen city centre is gravel or asphalt and should cause you no problem.

The Fløibanen funicular has several stops on its way up the mountainside. If you don't feel up to walking the whole way down, you can take the funicular halfway down to Fjellveien for example and take the last bit of the the journey by foot. This is especially useful in the winter when it can get icy towards the top.

On this walk you will have a golden opportunity to take great pictures of fantastic views and charming old wooden buildings.

The route winds its way down from the mountain with many twists and turns, but it is easy to find your way. On your way down, make sure you leave plenty of time to relax on one of the many benches along the way. They are placed so that you can really take in the great view.

When you are almost at the bottom, you will set eyes on the lovely Skansedammen. In winter it’s frequented by people going ice skating. In the summer, the beatiful lake is a popular picnic spot. Maybe you could round off your walk with a picnic too?

How to walk up Fløyen:
There are several paths you can walk up to Fløyen from Bergen city centre. The walk takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour depending on your pace and how many stops you make along the way to enjoy the spectacular view.

The first part of the walk follows the same path. From the lower station of Fløibanen on Vetrlidsallmenningen, you walk up the winding road behind the station, past Skansedammen and then continue up to Fjellveien. If you want to get to the top as quickly as possible, Fløysvingene is the route for you. The route starts in Fjellveien by the drinking fountain, about 200 meters north of the funicular stop in Fjellveien. As you can deduct from the name, this road turns from Fjellveien and almost straight up the mountain. From the drinking fountain, follow the road that leads up the mountain and take a right at the first intersection. When you reach the funicular stop called Skansemyren, take a left and follow the signs to the top.

Just above Fjellveien you can take a detour from Fløysvingene and continue on the northern route up Fløyen, called Tippetue. Simply keep to the right at the first intersection after the drinking fountain. This route offers a glorious view of Ytre Sandviken and Byfjorden. Tippetue meets Fløysvingene again at Pilen, about 5 minutes to walk from Fløybanen's upper station. Most of Fløysvingene and Tippetue is gravel road.

From Fjellveien you can also choose the road towards the sports facility Skansemyren, locally nicknamed “Kammen”. Either walk the paved road up from Fjellveien funicular station or walk from the drinking fountain and keep to the right when you reach the funicular station at skansemyren. On the left side of the sports facility, the road continues upwards. The road is paved and along the way there is a great view of Ulriken and Bergen south.

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Source: Visit Bergen


Walking up or down Mount Fløyen

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