Wolf night in Finnskogen


Hear the sound of wolves howling, listen to local stories and experience a magical full-moon winter night in the deep Finnskogen forest.

Wolf night in Finnskogen

An exclusive experience for adventurists! Sleep outside under a magical full moon in Finnskogen, in the middle of the mystical wolf’s kingdom! Few animals feature more in myths than the wolf. Sitting together around a crackling campfire in the evening, watching the flames playing and hearing a chorus of wolves howl is a unique and magical experience you never will forget, and which only a few are lucky enough to experience.

This winter adventure takes you to Finnskogen, the core area for the four big predators in Norway. Finnskogen Adventures has established its own camp in the middle of a wolf territory , where we want to convey knowledge and myths about predators.

Your guide meets you at the pickup-point and shows you the way to the camp. Our main camp is in the wilderness, by a bog in the forest. Here the night is so black that you can see the milky way. Even the northern lights can be experienced this far south in these conditions. You will be accommodated in a glamping tent that is heated with wood stoves. Sitting by the fire, you will be served a hot drink and the guide will talk you through the program for the next few hours.

We will then take you on a guided snowshoe hike in the area around the campsite, and if we are lucky we will find traces of wolves and other animals.

Towards the evening, we serve an evening meal made from local ingredients, and you will experience the magical atmosphere of sitting by a campfire while the moon lights up the snow-covered forest. Under the right conditions, the chances of hearing wolves are good.

By the fire, we will talk about moose, bears, lynxes, wolverines and the birds of prey that nest in the area. You choose for yourself whether you want to stay awake throughout the night or whether we will wake you up if the wolf begins its chorus. In the early morning, your guide will ensures that there is a good heat in the tent. We serve you a hot breakfast before we follow you out of the area.

Finnskogen is one of the few places in Norway where you can hear the wolf howl.
Welcome to the place where the big four rule!

PRICE (incl VAT)
NOK 3500,- per person / Children age 4-16 kr 1750,-


* Accomodation (1 night) in glamping tent with wood burner, reindeer skin rugs, woollen blankets.
* Guide
* Warm beverage upon arrival
* Evening meal (please contact us for special dietary requirements)
* Snacks
* Breakfast
* Ticket to the Norsk Skogsmuseum (Norwegian Forest Museum) in Elverum

* Meeting place: Elverum
* Oppmøtetid: kl 17.00
* Varighet: ca 16 timer
* Season: Full-moon weekends during the winter season
* Area: Finnskogen
* Number of people: 2-20 (please contact us for larger groups)
* Target group: Anyone able to navigate easy terrain (can be adapted to suit people with disabilities; please contact us).

* Clothes suitable for staying outdoors on a winter’s night
* Warm boots
* Sleeping bag/sleeping mat (available for hire)

Even though the trip is at a time that from experience offers the best chance of hearing wolves, we cannot guarantee success. Finnskogen is not a zoo, and the wild animals come and go as they please. We will, however, do our utmost to ensure that your stay in the forest is an enjoyable and memorable one.


Last updated: 12/08/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Wolf night in Finnskogen


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