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Kari, Lofoten Kari, Lofoten Kari, Lofoten
Kari, Lofoten Kari, Lofoten
Kari, Lofoten.
Photo: #SheepWithAView

Meet the #SheepWithAView

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These five sheep may wander into your social media feed

Expect sheep wordplays and jovial fun – but also sincere stories from Norwegian farmers, insight into local tradition, and discovery of “hidden gems” across Norway in our summer campaign.

The amount of sheep in your social media feed might be on the increase. Visit Norway’s summer campaign is launching today. We call it #SheepWithAView.

This summer, through Instagram, short films, individual profile pages and related stories on Visit Norway, you’ll get to know five Norwegian sheep and their home regions. You’ll meet them on Instagram and at the campaign’s home page.

Frida, Rauma
Frida, Fjord Norway
Lars, Oppdal
Lars, Trøndelag
Kari, Lofoten
Kari, Northern Norway
Erik, Kristiansand
Erik, Southern Norway
Heidi, Oslo
Heidi, Oslo

Expect a good amount of tongue-in-cheek humour, blended with real insights into Norwegian culture, tradition and nature – seen from a creative, new perspective.

Trevor Heley is founding partner at the London based agency mr.h, who came up with the idea.

“We were asked for something innovative and fresh, with the potential to create a lot of attention for Norway. That’s a dream brief, but also a massive challenge,” he says.

They accepted it, and went looking for something that would appeal to the mind-set of, as he puts it, “freedom loving explorers”.

“We were thinking about the freedom to roam (“allemannsretten”), and Norwegian sheep seem to exemplify this idea. The fact that they can just go anywhere allows us to have lots of fun and show many different things.”


“Then we thought about giving each of the sheep a personality and realised that we they could also be a metaphor for the Norwegian people and allow us to reflect distinct regional characters. At that point #SheepWithAView was born”.

These are the five sheep they came up with. We look forward to spending the summer with them, so check in for updates!

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