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Accommodations in Geilo

Whether you prefer a cosy cabin with a private fireplace or a luxury hotel, Geilo has many options for you.

Plenty of fresh air, good food, cheerful activities and great experiences makes it easy to sleep in the mountains. Wake up well rested in a good bed with a stunning view of the surrounding mountain scenery. 

There are many opportunities to wake up in Geilo, summer and winter.

In 1902 O.T. Jeilo opened the first lodging in Geilo, and in 1904 he expanded to "Jeilo Hotel". Since then there have been build many hotels, cabins and apartments.

Sleep well in one of Geilo 5000 beds in all categories, from the luxurious to the very simple.



Accommodation agents in Geilo



Norgesbooking logo

Norgesbooking offers more than 400 rental units in Geilo and Norway. In Geilo you can choose between apartments or cottages.

You can book your vacation in Geilo through Norgesbooking.no. You can also call the telephone (+47) 32 08 57 10, or e-mail post@norgesbooking.no


All accommodation options in Geilo:


Your own cabin in Geilo

Do you own, or are you planning to buy a cabin in Geilo? Here are some resources that you will find usefull.

Geilos spa and wellness areas

Pamper yourself in one of Geilos spa-hotels or head for the swimming pool after an active day.