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Flow Motion bike trail

Fun trail biking with different levels of difficulty! Choose between more than ten different bike trails!

In Geilo Sommerpark there is the summer lift that takes you to the top together with your bike and from there you have the opportunity to choose between 4 mountainbike trails.

In 2021, the trail path Flow Motion was ready, it is a 4 km blue-graded flow path, with lots of cool 180 degree turns, turns and jumps.

Flow Motion is one of the country's awesome flow trails. From Bjødnahovda, at the top of the chairlift in Vestlia, the path takes you approx. 4km down the hill to Geilo Sommerpark. The flow path has an wavy profile and grading. A fun roller coaster ride on a bike that is suitable for the whole family.

The flow trail has a level of difficulty Blue, green is easy, red is advanced. The surface is compact, without sudden obstacles. Here, all you have to do is let the bike float down and turn on your smile. Flow Motion can be ridden with an ordinary mountain bike in good condition. If you want a better cycling experience, you can rent a full suspention bike at de Geilo Sommerpark. It really gives you a different experience and you get even better use of the day pass for the bicycle lift.

The lift is equipped with brand new bike racks so enthusiasts and beginners can comfortably get on and set off on the fun bike trails. It is possible to buy a single trip and a day pass. After a few trips in Flow Motion as a warm up you can try the popular trails Anakonda and Gold Digger, both are graded red, so are more technical than Flow Motion.

Geilo Summerpark
The Geilo Sommer Parks opens from the start of July to the middle of Augsut every day between 10:00 and 17:00. After that every weekend until the autumn holidays. In week 40 and 41 in October it is open daily again. Flow Motion is ment as a lift-based trail, but for the very fit and diehards it is possible to cycle up the construction road to the top of Bjødnahovda, be careful when you need already cross Flow Motion several times.

Geilo Bike Park
Between Ustedalsfjorden and Vestlia Resort, you'll discover Geilo Bike Park with a pump track and jump lines.

All Skill Trails in Geilo

A green connecting trail from Geilo Bike Park at Vestlia to the Ustedalsfjorden round trail.

A blue bike trail with cool features; it's easy to navigate around the obstackels or test your skills. This is guaranteed to bring out the smiles and a sense of achievement.

A trail that easily takes you to the start of Skurfen and serves well as a warm-up, graded green.

The oldest constructed bike trail in Geilo, at a blue level due to some elevation changes and sharp turns.

Skrukketrollet and Revesvingen
These are two red trails within Skurfen.

A pleasant blue trail connecting Skurfen back to Ustedalsfjorden and further into Hakkespetten.

Truly a blue bike trail with some jumps.

Geilojordet - Lysløypen
An easy connection between the bike offerings at Vestlia to Geilo Ski Stadium and Bever'n. Along the trail, you'll find a lean-to, Huldreskogen, and an opportunity to try your luck at fishing.

A challenging blue route into the forest near Geilo Ski Stadium. In the same area, you'll find an outdoor fitness park, roller ski track, and a lean-to with a fire pit.

Read more about the entire cycling offer with several skill trails, pump tracks and jump lines at Here you will also find an interactive map with touring bike suggestions. Here you can order bikes, lift pass and learn about the actuall opening hours. You will find the Geilo Sommer park by driving over road number 40, direction Dagali, turn towards the Vestlia Resort and Geilo Sommer park. Big parking lot right at the lift.

Do you want to learn more about all bike offers in Hallingdal, click further to

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Flow Motion bike trail

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