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Geilo - a biking paradise

Geilo is on its way to becoming a biking paradise, and boasts many great biking opportunities for the whole family, for beginners and experienced. In Geilo, you have the entire biking region, Hallingdal, at your feet.

Bicycle rental 

Rent a bicycle for all purposes in Geilo. Everything from children´s bikes, electric bikes, trail bikes, mountain bikes and downhill bikes.

Lift-Based Biking

Geilo stands out once again on the map with lift-based biking. The offer opened in early July 2021 with Flow Motion at the forefront.
Down the 4 km long path, with difficulty level blue, you will find cool 180-degree turns, moguls and jumps. Not only that, the popular trails Anakonda and Gold Digger, have also been upgraded!
The lift is equipped with brand new bike racks, so eager enthusiasts and beginners can comfortably get up and set off downhill.

Vestlia Bike Park

The bike park below Vestlia Resort is a natural meeting and "hanging place" for the whole family or group of friends. Here it’s always fun and social and you will find asphalt pump tracks, 5 jump lines, and the entrance to several of the skill trails!

Skill Trails

Skill trails are incredibly fun, gravel trails with moguls, turns and tough elements. 

You will find several of these in the bike park, and when you come out on the other side, there are even more. The skill trails are well marked, and are all connected and accessible from the Ustedalsfjorden lake on the Vestlia side. In the autumn of 2021, 3 new trails were built!

Bever’n! A little closer to the center, you will also find a skill trail that has a reputation for being a trail you will cycle over and over again!

The Ustedalsfjorden Lake Round

Time flies at the bike park, the skill trails and down the flow trails, but if you want a longer trip, the 10 km Ustedalsfjorden Lake Round is a great alternative. The Ustedalsfjorden is located midway between the valley sides, on the lower side of the center. You can easily get here from wherever you are in Geilo.


Just around the corner from Geilo starts the world famous Rallarvegen. Take the train from Geilo to Haugastøl or Finse to make shorter or longer bike tours. 

Whole year around biking

During the winter months you can join a guided fat bike tour or rent one yourselv and explore Geilo while biking on snow. 

Source: Visit Geilo AS


Geilo - a biking paradise

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