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Geilo Bike Arena Pumptrack

Geilo has it's own Pump Track. A Pump Track is a track where you create speed by moving through the course.

The original pumptracks were often built of earth, sand or wood, and thus largely limited to mountain bikes.
Geilo Pump Track between the Vestlia Resort and the Geilo summer park is made of durable and solid composite material, and can be used by everyone, whether you prefer skateboards, blades, scooter or bicycle.

The course is open every day and there is a free activity for all who want to have some extra fun. On the other side of the Vestlia Resort down to the water, there is a bigger pump track and jump lines, as well as mmore flow trails with diffrent difficulty.

Want to know more? Read here!

Last updated: 12/23/2022

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Geilo Bike Arena Pumptrack

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