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Geilohallen and Geilo Ski Stadion

In continuation of the tour trail Ustedalsfjordenrundt, you will find the sports area Geilohallen and Geilo Ski Stadium.

Activity Arena
During the summer, you can use the skate park, volleyball nets, and football fields (as long as there is no training or competition). Take a break on your road trip while children are playing, or use this on days with a bit too much weather in the mountain. Close byy, there is also a playground associated with Geilo School.

Throughout the year, you can use the shelter by the waterfront. There is a fire pit present, bring firewood, and take back your garbage. Many families with children use this area. From the parking lot, walk past the shooting range on the left side, and the road goes down to the water. The area has asphalt, but the ground up to the shelter is soil and grass.

Roller Ski Track
Parts of the illuminated trail are asphalted and suitable for roller skiing. On the north side of the water, from the parking lot to the bridge, the terrain is easy, on the other side, it is a bit more undulating. Via the asphalt track out of the Geilo Skistadion, you come back onto the pedestrian-cycling path from Vestlia residential area to the town center. If you want to use the shooting range, you can inquire with Geilo IL about the offerings.

Illuminated Trail
As soon as the temperature is cold enough, snow is produced for Geilo Ski Stadium, which happens voluntarily and enables early cross-country ski trails, often as early as November. Therefore, a voluntary contribution is requested. The lights at Geilo Ski Stadium are on from around 07:00 to 22:30. You ski in the forest, well-sheltered from weather and wind, are you new to skiing, stay on the notth side of the river, in the forest the tracks are more hilly. The illuminated trail is one-way direction and left-hand skiing, dogs and sleds are not allowed. For more information and a tour description, follow the link.

Source: Visit Geilo AS


Geilohallen and Geilo Ski Stadion

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