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In Geilo, you will find hiking trails that are suitable for everyone, with a panoramic view of the Norwegian mountains.

Here, you can pick nature experiences from the top shelf. Take the shortcut to the Hardangervidda plateau with the chairlift up from Vestlia, or take an electric bike up to the foot of the Hallingskarvet mountains and go to the top, or enjoy yourself around the Ustedalsfjorden lake, within walking distance from the village center. There are so many possibilities in Geilo!

A couple of hours of close contact with nature is an exciting journey for young and old people. The longer trips offer elevation, mountain lakes, silence, and as many kilometers as you want to register on your training app. Rest areas and cabins, which offer a well-deserved break and food, are the reward that awaits those who reach their goal.

Hiking works as therapy for body and soul, so let yourself be inspired by the mountain's play of colours, silence, and the views that appear around every corner. Enjoy good food and drink on your return, and feel how well the mountain takes care of you.

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Summer Lift

In summer, the chairlift at Vestlia takes you to the top of the mountain. A perfect starting point for short and long hikes into the mountains. Already 1.5 km into the mountains you will find the Hakkesetstølen service cabin, and several nice hiking opportunities.

Tip! Take the round trip of about 8 km from Hakkesetstølen to Birgithovda - perhaps Geilo's very best view?

Source: Visit Geilo AS




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