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Snow kite at Geilo and surroundings

Geilo and Hardangervidda are real snowkite paradise. Dagali Fjellpark is based in Dagali and offers three diffrent kind of snowkite courses in Geilo and surroundings. Both for total new beginners and for those who have done it before. Explore the endless possibilities and ultimate freedom of snowkiting in Norway

Go snowkiting in Norway and get addicted!
Dagali Fjellpark offers snowkiting lessons for the general public. No matter your previous experience, we will teach you all it takes so you can become an independent snowkiter! All you need to have is a moderate ski or snowboard riding skills, we will teach you the rest. We will also provide you with the necessary equipment.
We teach in English and we will try to adapt every lesson to your needs.

1. Snowkite intro
6 hours within 1 day, snowkiting in Geilo surroundings
Do you want to learn what snowkiting in Norway is about? Come out and feel the power of the kite and learn the basics of controlling the kite. After this course you are ready to get on a skis or snowboard.
We will teach you:
safety rules
basic terminology
launching and landing the kite
flying the kite in a wind window
safe rescue

2. Becoming a snowkiter
12 hours within 2 days, snowkiting in Geilo surroundings
This 2 days lesson will give you all the fundamentals needed for you to become a safe and independent snowkiter. First day will cover the same topics and exercises as in the “Snowkite intro” lesson. The second day you will practise and improve with technical help of the instructor. After this lesson you should be snowkiting on your own and have all the fresh powder to yourself!
We will teach you:
riding techniques
upwind/downwind techniques
turning, passing rules
how to select the proper launching and landing area.

3. Explore the limits
36 hours within 6 days, snowkiting in Geilo surroundings
Are you really serious about becoming a snowkiter? Well, look at it for real and learn it all! This lesson is ready for real snowkiters. First two days will follow the same schedule as the “Becoming a snowkiter” 2 days lesson. 
In the remaining time you will learn:
to ride up/down the mountain
terrain navigation
kite looping.
You can try to fly different kite brands and models and gain more knowledge about “reading the wind” and flying the kite.
You can learn first jumps and explore the endless plains of Hardangervidda plateau on some longer backcountry trip with a snowkite!

Source: Visit Geilo AS


Snow kite at Geilo and surroundings

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