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Storestølen Fjellstue


At Storestølen you will experience rugged mountains and scenery that almost takes your breath away. You will find us near the border of the Hallingskarvet National Park, along road FV 50, and facing the Hallingskarvet Mountains.

Where the road, FV 50, skirts along the Strandavatn Lake, on the way toward the fjords and Aurland, or in the other direction, toward Hol and Hallingdal, they have found their paradise; and they would like to share this paradise with you.

Storestølen wish you a hearty welcome, and want you to know that they will take good care of you. 

You can sleep in double rooms or apartments.

Last updated: 01/06/2023

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Storestølen Fjellstue


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