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horse sleigh ride in Geilo horse sleigh ride in Geilo horse sleigh ride in Geilo
horse sleigh ride in Geilo horse sleigh ride in Geilo
horse sleigh ride in Geilo.
Photo: Emile Holba
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Attractions in Geilo

Experience Geilo as it used to be centuries ago. Visit stave churches, local museums and learn about the knife and tool manufacturing in the area.


Knife and tool production

The blacksmith's trade has long traditions in Geilo. Today's industry has grown from the earlier farm and regional smiths. Brusletto & Co was established in 1896 and in 1946 began Geilo Jernvarnefabrikk with cutlery.

Today, knives, axes and tools from Geilo are exported worldwide. The knife and tool factories have shops where products may be purchased.


The Geilo Smithy

The smithy houses a museum that portrays Geilo's iron industry development through 2,000 years. Groups can order in advance a storytelling theatre - "From coal-burning pits to robots" with instructive and humorous insights into the history of production from its beginning to today.


Geilojordet outdoor museumGeilojordet

This is a farmyard with old buildings from the 18th and 19th century in the centre of Geilo. A very pleasant place to visit with an outdoor café and various activities.

Geilo culture church in winter view from the otherside of the river

Cultural monuments

Around Lake Ustedalsfjorden you can follow a 12-kilometre-long path and experience cultural monuments such as:

Musical sculptures in Fekjo Heritage Park in Geilo

Fekjo Culture and Heritage Park
A burial place from the Viking Age was found at Ustedalsfjorden. There are also several coal-burning pits that were part of an iron extraction site. An outdoor sculpture exhibition opened in 2001. Read more about Fekjo Culture and Heritage Park. 


Tufte Bridge
Bridge built in the traditional log construction method – a true copy of the old listed bridge from 1884. More info about Tufte Bridge.


Hol Old Church 
Hol old church is beautifully situated by Lake Holsfjorden, 15 minutes from Geilo. The church was originally a small stave church, but it has been expanded several times. The first expansion dates from the 15th century. The second large expansion took place around 1798-1799. Of particular interest are the church living room and the priest living room. The latter was built in 1844 to accommodate the priests on their official journeys to Hol.


Geilo kulturkyrkje
Geilo Kulturkyrkje is a kind of seaman's church on the mountains. Geilo Kulturkyrkje is an inspiring place with reflection of traditions and heritage. A place that provides an impuls of intensity for concerts, drama, dance and other cultural events. There is also an art gallery that offers artists from far and near an opportunity to expose their work. Geilo Kulturkyrkje was consecrated on November 28th 2010.
The church was designed by architect Jorun Westad Brusletto and the decorations are made by Kjell Nupen. There are 280 seats in the church. Together with the hall and the church gallery there is place for approx. 500.