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A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road
A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road
A grup biking Rallarvegen - the Navvie’s road.
Photo: Morten Knudsen
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Bike trips in the Geilo area

Geilo has lots of great bike trips of various kinds, both simple outings and tougher mountain trips. Here we have gathered our favourites.                        


Ustedalsfjorden Round – Round trip for big and small

The popular and cultural nature trail, the Ustedalsfjorden Round, runs and twists out from the Geilojordet. The trail follows the Ustedalsfjorden Lake the first 2 kilometers until one reaches Geilo Beach, the sandy beach where you can take a nice swim.

Continue along the road and on to the Fekjo Burial Mounds from the year 900 and Fekjo Cultural Heritage Park. Notice the wind and color structures created by the artists, Gunnveig Nerol and Terje Isungset. Visitors can walk among the 7 structures and listen to the wind's music by playing the sound-makers in each structure.

After that, bike over Tuftebrui Bridge (a special log construction and a true copy of the protected bridge from 1884), and continue on toward Geilo on the south side of the Ustedalsfjorden Lake. Picnic areas with grilling possibilities or fishing spots can be found several places along the way. The last stretch goes via the golf course at Vestlia, toward Solli and back to Geilojordet.

Distance: 10 kilometers, traffic-free road.

Surface: Gavel. Suitable for bicycle carts and walks.

Tip: Bring a swimsuit and stop by Geilo Beach. 

Geilo-Kikuttoppen – Panorama view of Geilo

From Geilojordet, follow the signs marked to Kikut, past Geilo Horse Center to Gamle Skurdalsveg Road, where there is a steep rise up to the Kikutkroa Café/Geilo Fjellandsby.

When you get to the Geilo Fjellandsby, follow the marked bike trail down to Geilotjødne Lake. The trip goes around the Geilotjødne Lake in beautiful surroundings and then turns to the left and through the tunnel. Then the road winds its way up toward Kikuttoppen, where you will find a magnificent view of the Hallingskarvet Mountains.

From Kikuttoppen, continue down to the Kikutkroa Café and Geilotjødne Lake.

Distance: 5 kilometers.

Surface: Gravel. Not suitable for bicycle carts.

Tip: Enjoy the view of the Hallingskarvet Mountains and Geilo.

Geilotjødne Round – Excellent for small children

Start the trip from Geilo Fjellandsby, by the Kikutkroa Café, and down to Geilotjødne Lake. Here you will find a great bike trail with gravel and bridge over the streams. The Geilotjødne Round is short and a fine trip. 

Distance: 1 kilometer, traffic-free road.

Surface: Gravel. Suitable for bicycle carts.

Tip: Visit Hakkesetstølen Mountain Lodge.


Kikut Round – Varied round trip with mountain dairy farm life

The Kikut Round is a great round trip for most people, where one follows the marked bike trail from the Kikutkroa Café toward Geilotjødne Lake. From there, the trip continues on a gravel road to the Hakkesetstølen Mountain Lodge, located at 1,050 meters elevation. Here there are possibilities for both accommodations and experiencing the real life of a mountain dairy farm.

From the Hakkesetstølen Mountain Lodge, you can return toward the Kikut Fjellstue. Thereafter, take the Lometjødnvegen Road to the new ski bridge, and further on down to the Gamle Skurdalsvegen Road at Kikut North.

Here the round turns and winds back up to the Geilo Fjellandsby and Geilotjødne Lake.

Distance: 6 kilometers.

Surface: Gravel. Suitable for bicycle carts.

Tip: Food and refreshments at Hakkesetstølen Mountain Lodge.


Geilo-Kikut-Tuva – Demanding, long trip in the mountains

From Geilojordet, you bike on the walkway toward the Geilotunet Vacation Apartments. When you arrive at the intersection toward Vestlia, follow the bike trail past the Geilo Horse Center and on to the Gamle Skurdalsveg Road, up to Kikut North.

From Kikut North, follow the bike trail up via Geilo Fjellandsby to Kikut, and on to the highway 40 toward Skurdalen. When you reach Hovde, turn off toward Nedrestøl/Tuva. Follow the road in to Nedrestøl and continue uphill from the toll road until you reach the mountains. After approximately 3 kilometers, the road levels off and continues in great mountain scenery with a view to mountains in all directions. After 24 kilometers from where you started your trip, you arrive at Tuva Mountain Lodge, located at 1,200 meters elevation, and one of the oldest tourist cabins on the Hardangervidda plateau. 

Distance: 48 kilometers.

Surface: Asphalt, mountain road and gravel.

Tip: Bring windproof clothing.

The Center Round

The Center Round is a bike trip on walkways and bike trails in and around the center of Geilo. From Geilojordet, you ride westward along the highway RV7, follow the Gamlevegen Road, Hegnavegen Road, down Timrehaugvegen Road and down to the underpass by the bridge over to the Geilohallen Sports Arena and then back toward Geilojordet. 

Distance: 5 kilometers.

Surface: Asphalt.


The Factory Trip – well-known and factories rich in tradition

Start at Geilojordet, bike to the center of Geilo, past the Dr. Holms Hotel and the Slaata Skisenter on Timrehaugvegen Road, until you arrive at the Bardøla Høyfjellshotell. You then follow the signs from Bardølavegen to Luten and Øyovegen Road.

On the right-hand side, you will find the first knife factory, Øyo Fabrikk/Brødrene Øyo. From there, you bike over the train track crossing and follow highway RV7 and the pedestrian/bike path to the Geilohallen Sports Arena, past the parking lot for Geilohallen and along the river until you are back at Geilojordet. 

Distance: 7 kilometers.

Surface: Asphalt and nice gravel road.

Tip: You can get a good bargain at Brusletto & Co Knife Factory or Skaugum Cutlary Factory.


Geilo-Havsdalen-Prestholt – Mountain trip at the foot of the Hallingskarvet Mountains

Starting at Geilojordet, you follow the same road as the Factory Trip to the intersection at Luten. From there, you follow the signs toward Havsdalen. When you arrive at Havsdalen, follow the road on toward Prestholt. You can return the same way back, but you can also follow the Nye Havsdalsvegen Road back to Geilo or take trails from Prestholt down to Tuftelia, and from there bike along the Ustedalsfjorden Lake back to Geilo.

This trip takes you high up into the mountains. Prestholtseter is superbly located on the south side of the Hallingskarvet Mountains. It has a living mountain dairy farm environment with livestock, café service and sale of self-produced food.

If you drive the first 6 kilometers by car, the trip becomes easy and family-friendly. 

Distance: 24 kilometers round-trip, medium to a little demanding.

Surface: Dirt road and fine gravel road.

Tip: The sour cream porridge at Prestholtseter is very good.


Starting at Geilojordet, follow the Factory Trip, but the opposite direction. You bike along the river until you come to the Geilohallen Sports Arena, and then along the highway to the barrier over the railway.

Then follow the road on to the intersection at Luten. From here, you follow the signs to Budalen.

From Budalen, you follow the Budalsvatnet Lake in to Vestreim. Return the same way back. 

Distance: 11 kilometers.

Surface: Asphalt and gravel.

Tip: How about biking to Havsdalen from the east end of the Budalsvatnet Lake?


Geilohovda-Urundberget-Skarvranden-Tuftelia-Ustedalsfjorden Rundt

Here the route lies in the title. You follow the bike trail from Geilohovda to Urundberget. At Urundberget, you follow the trail to Skarvranden.

From here you bike on a road toward Prestholt until you arrive at the bike trail where you turn off toward Tuftelia.

Distance: 19 kilometers.

Surface: Trail and gravel.

Tip: For the very fit, you can bike all the way to Prestholt.


The Navvy Road (Rallarvegen)—Norway's most popular bicycle road

The Navvy Road goes through a dramatic, lush, and demanding landscape that offers culture, history, and outstanding nature experiences. The road was built by hand around the last century to transport equipment and provisions during the building of the Bergen Railway Line.

Today, the Navvy Road is Norway's most popular bike route, and is 80 kilometers long from Haugastøl-Finse-Hallingskeid via Vatnahalsen to Flåm. Underway, you can become better acquainted with Finse, the Bergen Railway Line, and the Navvy Museum (Rallarmuseet) at Finse.

The route can be extended by another 23 kilometers by riding east along the highway RV7 from Geilo to Haugastøl and from Myrdal to Voss. If you ride from the west, it is natural to continue the journey on into the mountain areas in the Hallingdal Valley.

Due to the difference in elevation from Haugastøl, at 988 meters elevation, and Finse, at 1,222 meters elevation, most people choose to take the bicycle train to Finse and then return to Geilo.

The Navvy Road starts at Haugastøl. From there, the route continues with a rise toward Storurdi and Finse. The route goes westward on partly rough surface (stones and gravel) and rises slightly toward Fagernut and down to Hallingskeid. It goes steeply downhill through Klevagjelet to Myrdal. This stretch is steep and partly unsecured, so one should be careful and preferably dismount off the bike.

From Geilo: 103 kilometers. 
From Haugastøl: 80 kilometers.

If you want plenty of time and several stops, you must calculate 3-4 days.

Surface: Fine gravel road.

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