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The family valley

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Bears. Amur leopards. Crocodiles and pythons. Bjørneparken is where the wild things are.

Don’t be surprised if a fox comes up to say hello, and if you’re lucky, you may get to pat a moose!

A visit to the mountain farm Langedrag is also highly recommended. Get cuddly with the cute farm animals and watch wolves and lynx at a close but safe distance.

And do take the opportunity to run through the wind-swept, heather-covered mountain areas nearby ...

... or conquer a mountaintop! A few examples of hiking-friendly mountains within reach are Høgevarde, Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet.

Hallingdal stretches out like a big smile across southeast Norway, with high mountains on both sides - from Flå in the southeastern corner and all the way to Hemsedal and Geilo on the northern side.

If you travel between Oslo and Bergen, you pass Hallingdal on the way whether you go by bus, by car, or by train.

But don’t just drive through!

Hallingdal is a place to be experienced. With the whole family.

Take a seat behind a team of eager husky dogs ...

... challenge yourselves in the climbing parks in Ål, Geilo and Hemsedal ...

... or go exploring on two wheels!

With a myriad of trails in untouched forest and mountain terrain, Hallingdal is also an eldorado for mountain biking. Head to Nesbyen (pictured), for example ...

... or to one of the three local bike parks for downhill fun.

In the summer, the ski lifts in Hemsedal and Geilo are open for cyclists.

Who’ll make it down first?

If you’re unlucky with the weather, the water park Tropicana in Gol is a fab choice. Another suggestion is the enormous activity park Hallingdal Holiday Park, which also houses a 5-star camping site.

Still – Hallingdal also encourages you to wind down a notch or three.

Sit back and enjoy the calm ...

... or go trout fishing in a lake or river.

Will the fish bite?

Well, let’s say that with a fishing rod in your hand, you probably won’t leave hungry!

And on the subject of food: Thanks to strong food traditions, every corner of Hallingdal is a culinary adventure. The food network Hallingkost helps visitors find local specialties like this delicious soup, gommokaku (sourdough teacakes), lefsekling and rummebrød (two kinds of flat bread).


Stop by the dairy in Ostebygda Hol, where you can stock up on the finest cheese.

Taste your way through Hallingdal with a cheese platter full of mature white goat cheese, semi-hard red cheese and other delicious farm cheeses made from pure, thick mountain milk.

As you can see, local traditions are still very much alive …

… and whether you go up the mountains or down the valley, you're never far from idyllic nature – like here at Old Nes.

For a night in historical surroundings, make a trip to Gol and Hesla Farm.

If you want more action, Hallingdal stretches all the way to activity meccas like Hemsedal and Geilo. Another classic holiday activity is to cycle along Rallarvegen, Norway's most popular cycling route.

In short, Hallingdal is a fantastic holiday destination in the summer ...

… as well as in the winter.

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