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Canyoning in Nesbyen

Join us on an exciting trip through the wild and spectacular canyons in the river Rukkedøla, in areas that are inaccessible without climbing equipment.

Dressed in a 5.5 mm thick wetsuit with fleece inside, equipped with neoprene shoes, climbing harness and helmet, you can now visit and experience mysterious waterfalls and hidden water slides in the river Rukkedøla, which flows by Hallingdal museum in Nesbyen. Canyoning is an exciting climbing trip down the river. You get to abseil down waterfalls and playing on slippery natural slides. The river stretch is 1.25 km long.

A pure nature experience
Do you feel like jumping into a crystal clear mountain stream? Then you are the type for canyoning. Do you love flowers and fresh air, do you admire colorful stones and nature? Then you will be very pleased with the surroundings! Is pushing boundaries something for you? Are you an adventurer who can be incredibly proud to have overcome the forces of nature? Then you get a special exciting canyoning trip!

It is possible to order canyoning both for individual journeys and for a group. Each tour has a maximum of 12 participants, guided by 2 professional guides. The tour starts at Vadbru and ends behind Hallingdal museum, a stretch of approx. 1.25 km. The trips are arranged depending on the weather forecast and the water level in the river, preferably 2 times per day, daily during the summer holidays.

Your security is our highest priority. You get an easy-to-follow safety talk before entering the canyon. The group is safely guided by professional instructors all the time. You don't need any previous climbing experience, the guides will help you.

You can book canyoning in Nesbyen on this page, where you choose and book a specific date online. Or you can write or call the organizer: Dagali Fjellpark, +47 90 62 26 75, booking@dagalifjellpark.no.

Take with you
The only thing you need to bring is swimwear and a towel. We take care of the rest.

Last updated: 08/10/2022

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

Canyoning in Nesbyen

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