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Fagerdalen Støl

Fagerdalen is situated on the road that goes from the Bergsjø area to Hovet via Tvist. Refreshments and sale of sour cream, cream porridge and traditional farm products including farmhouse cheeses such as surystil, trøgost and knaost.

The café is open every day from 12 pm until 5 pm from 3 July until 23 August, and there is also sale of dairy products. 
Fagerdalen also serves a lunch buffet for groups of 10 people or more, just call to make a booking.

The hosts are happy to welcome groups for meals in Gamlefjøset and Grisebingen bar.
Tel +47 911 09 779/ +47 32 08 98 06.
Toll road.

Last updated: 07/04/2023

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

Fagerdalen Støl

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