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Mountain biking


Mountain biking in Ål gives you exciting challenges in beautiful nature, whether you prefer a trails in the high mountains, in the forest or close to the centre.

A selection of bike trips for mountain biking and cycling on idyllic gravel roads in the mountains have been tracked and you can find them at (private and unofficial website). 

New and organized trails will be established in the years to come as an result of the big mountain bike commitment in Ål and Hallingdal.

Downhill cycling is possible to try in Huckfest Bike Park at Ål Ski centre. Suitable for people who enjoy speed and excitement! You will also find a selection of facilitated downhill pathways of varied difficulty all over Ål. 
The cycle park is also arena for the bicycle festival Huckfest Bike Festival every summer. The park is open parts of the summer and on request.

In 2021, a new trail opened up right above the train station in Ål city center. Flowy, machine- and manmade trails, superfun for both adults and children. See trailguide for map.

If you are looking for singletrack up in the mountains, Ål is the perfect place. Some of the trails in the mountain can be combined with shuttling. Starting up in the mountains and ending in Ål city centre. 

Ål Adventure can give you tourtips and also offer guided terrain- and downhill cycling in exciting areas in Ål and Hallingdal. See Ål Adventure for more information.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

Mountain biking


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