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The large carnivore information centre

The mandate of the centre is to spread neutral and factual knowledge to the public through the visitor centre and educational activities aimed at schools and communities. The large carnivore information centre is newly established and is one out of three governmental authorized information centres for large carnivores in Norway. High numbers of free-ranging domestic animals (mostly sheep) and increasing populations of carnivores challenges a sustainable management, and the conflict level is high. Our mandate is to mitigate conflicts and promote coexistence with large carnivores.
The visitor centre has an educational exhibition providing unbiased and objective information covering all parts of the large carnivore subject: biology, research, management, conservation and conflicts. Learn how to behave if you meet a bear. Compare the size of the carnivores, fur, foot prints, claws and cranium. Test your skills placing the right carnivore to tracks, cadavers, sounds and traces. What is the opinion of different stakeholder organizations, and what is yours? The exhibition is modern and interactive to make it interesting for all generations and it is continuously updated. The location inside a zoo with live carnivores gives visitors at the zoo the possibility to learn about all aspects of the large carnivores.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

The large carnivore information centre

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