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Toviken-Klevahytta-Iungsdalen Ål in Hallingdal

Memorable hike on the high mountains in Skarvheimen in Ål 1090 - 1280 masl, with powerful nature all around you. The hike is about 13 km and you should count 4-5 hours including break. Well marked path, partly steep and somewhat challenging.

Start in Toviken. Follow the path along the westside of the river Mjølga. After one km walk the trail turns left towards Klevaskardet (North West).

At the top of Klevaskardet the trail continues in slightly hilly terrain til you come to Store Klevavatnet. Then you walk along the south west side of the water towards Fødalen in somewhat stony terrain.

You then arrive at Klevahytta. Here it's good to stop for a break.
You will have a magnificent view towards Klevavatnet, Fødalen/ Fødalsvatnet and Systrandfossen altogether.

Continue on the DNT trail towards Fødalen and to Iungsdalshytta, which is a The Norwegian Trekking Association cabin. During summer season you can both be served food and spend the night if you want. There is also a possibility for a lift with boat back to Toviken.

From Iungsdalshytta the trail follows the water back to Toviken.

As an alternative you can walk this hike in the other direction.

The hike can also be combined with fishing in Toviken or by Iungsdalsytta. Fishing permit needed.

Arrival / parking:
Take off from Highway 7 by Gullhagen (Hallingmøbler) at Gullhagen in Ål, and follow district road 244 towards Vats. Pass throught Bergsjøområdet, Djup and to Toviken. Toll road (cash and card). Parking lot by river Mjølga, before the bridge just before Toviken.

Recommended maps: Reineskarvet 1:50 000 or Skarvheimen 1:50 000.

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Toviken-Klevahytta-Iungsdalen Ål in Hallingdal

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