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Magic Moose in Trysil Magic Moose in Trysil
Photo: Hans Martin Nysæter
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The Magic Moose bike trail has been cycled 70,000 times in two years, making it a strong contender for Trysil’s most popular summer attraction.

The Magic Moose trail, or just 'the Moose' if you prefer, opened two years ago, but it was only this summer that the whole bike trail was completed. It now covers no less than seven kilometres, from the top of Fjellekspressen and down to the bottom.

Sounds easy peasy, you say? If that’s what you think, you probably haven’t tried it yet!

Magic Moose gives even the most ambitious mountain bikers a solid adrenaline rush, and your leg muscles may well need a bit of tender loving care the next day. Most importantly however, what those who have cycled the path tend to have in common is the big smile on their faces. Because it really is a lot of fun – both for children and adults.

Trysil's Magic Moose Trysil's Magic Moose
Trysil's Magic Moose.
Photo: Marcus Möller / Destinasjon Trysil SA

Flow down the hill

So what is so special about this bike trail? Well, in Scandinavia, Magic Moose is one of a kind. Within its category, it is even one of the longest bike paths in Northern Europe. It goes downhill, but it is not a downhill cycling trail. It is rather a flow path with turns, tricks and a few jumps (which are perfectly possible to manoeuvre in a calm and controlled manner, by the way). As a blue graded trail, it is not suitable for everyone. But if you have good control of your brakes, and have mastered the Moose’s little sister Sweet Dreams in Gullia, you are ready for the magic.

We recommend that you book an instructor from Trysilguidene, who can show you some tips and tricks that will make the ride both safer and more fun.

Similar to skiing

Magic Moose has a lot in common with skiing. You go up with the lift and cycle down, go up with the lift and cycle down, have lunch, go up with the lift and cycle down. And before you know it, it is the end of the day. If you register for My SkiStar, you can keep track of the number of trips in the lift and the altitude. You can also collect badges and compare your data with your friends. Who will get the most altitude metres this summer?

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Cycling in Trysil


The high season runs from 15 June to 15 October. The trails are open as long as there is no snow.

Other cycling news in 2017

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Another five kilometres of constructed bike paths in Gullia, including the spectacular Redneck, which opened in the autumn. Redneck is one of Trysil's most technical constructions with jumps and wallrides – it is the best option for those who like to go really fast.

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