Cycling in Fjord Norway

In Fjord Norway, cyclists will find everything from world-class road biking to an increasing number of challenging tracks in the mountains. Short distances, big impressions – and in summertime the days never end.

Fjord Norway, as the name implies, is the region in Norway with the most fjords. The terrain here is as incredibly scenic as it is easily accessible, and just about perfect for a cycling holiday.

There are many options for adrenaline pumping mountain biking excursions as well as organized road cycling trips. And be sure to bring the family along - as long as the kids know how to ride a bike, they can also ride it in Fjord Norway.

The region is the home of some of the most cherished cycling routes in the country. Try for example Rallarvegen from mountain to fjord, the Atlantic Road with windy views over the open sea, or the Trollstigen mountain road which zigzags its way up the mountain sides.

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Safety on two wheels

Tips to keep you on the straight and narrow

When cycling on the roads in Norway, the same traffic regulations and road signs apply to you as to cars and other vehicles: Keep to the right, give way to those coming from your right, and don’t drink and bike.

You may cycle on the pavement, but adapt your speed. You may not cycle on motorways and dual carriageways. Always wear a helmet when cycling. A high visibility vest is a good idea, especially on busy roads. Only children under the age of 10 may be carried as passengers.

Your bike must have

In darkness and poor visibility make sure your bike is equipped with a white or yellow light in the front, and a red light in the back. You also need a red reflector in the rear and white or yellow reflectors on the pedals.

Make sure your bike has two brakes that work independently of each other and a bicycle bell.

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