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Accommodation in Norway's coolest hammock park - Digergubben


Almost at the top of mount Digergubben in Midsund (527 masl), you will find a hammock park. Sleep under the stars with a magnificent views.

Unique accommodation by mount Digergubben - one of the Midsund stairs

Almost 527 meters above sea level lies Norway's rawest hammock park. At Digergubben - one of the Midsund stairs you can experience sleeping on in the landscape. The park, with sturdy steel poles fixed in the mountain, offers space for up to eight hammocks. Imagine falling asleep to a colorful sunset and waking up to a brilliant sunrise, all while enjoying a panoramic view of the landscape.

Plan your visit: reservation and facilities

To secure a unique stay, advance booking is necessary. Enjoy the convenience of a state-of-the-art incineration toilet from Cinderella Eco Group, right on the mountain - only available to guests who have booked a spot. The park is accessible from 1:00 PM on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 PM the following day.

Equipment rental

For those who do not have their own hammock, Utendørs in Midsund offers rental of necessary equipment. Here you can rent hammocks, tarp/tent, mosquito net, and sleeping pad.

Discover the hike to Digergubben

The hike to the hammock park is an experience in itself. With paths and stairs built by Sherpas from Nepal, you can enjoy a magnificent construction and a fantastic view of mountains, fjords, and the sea. Although the terrain is steep, the well-built stairs make the journey manageable for most people. Along the route, you will find rest areas with stone benches, ideal for a break and to enjoy the view.

Source: VisitNordvest


Accommodation in Norway's coolest hammock park - Digergubben


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