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The mountain hike up Romsdalstrappa to the Rampestreken viewpoint (537 meters above sea level) is one of the most popular hikes in Åndalsnes.

Rampestreken is a viewpoint - a 20-meter long steel ramp, with the last 8 meters extending straight into the air, offering the best view of "the capital of the mountains"

How to Get to Rampestreken

To reach Rampestreken, you can either hike up the trail via Romsdalstrappa (about 1.5 hours) from the center of Åndalsnes or take the Romsdalen gondola up and walk down the mountain trail (about 15 minutes).

Hiking Description to Rampestreken - Romsdalstrappa

Romsdalstrappa (the Romsdal steps) is a well-marked mountain trail with steps built by Sherpas from Nepal. The hike is steep, taking about 1.5 hours to reach Rampestreken viewpoint. The trail is well laid out, combining paths and steps. Some parts have many roots that can be slippery, so handrails are provided. Sturdy footwear is essential.

Start at the parking area under Nebba and follow the marked trail to Nesaksla. The stretch up to Nebba has handrails and no stairs, making it accessible to most. At Nebba, enjoy the view over Åndalsnes. A little further up is the grindbygget, where you can take a break under a roof and enjoy the view up Romsdalen and towards the mountains in Isterdalen, all the way to Trollstigen. Continue along the ridge, staying on the path to prevent trail widening. At Andersmyra, a popular workout destination, there's a rest bench. The trail then becomes steeper, leading to Rampestreken and Nesaksla via the steps.

Soaring over Åndalsnes

Standing on the edge of the unique Rampestreken viewpoint and out on the ramp, you'll feel like you're soaring over Åndalsnes and the fjord far below. This amazing view will undoubtedly take your breath away!

Nesaksla and Romsdalsgondolen

From Rampestreken, continue 15-30 minutes further up Romsdalstrappa to Nesaksla. Here, you can enjoy locally sourced food at Eggen restaurant and choose to take the Romsdalen gondola back down to Åndalsnes center with a one-way ticket or hike back the same way.

Who is the Hike Suitable For?

The hike suits most people, as you can regulate your pace and take breaks as needed. There are many great viewpoints along the way, so there are plenty of reasons to stop. The hike is accessible year-round, but in winter, good crampons or ice cleats are recommended.

Be aware that Rampestreken is very popular, so expect queues during the summer season. This trail is also used by those who have hiked Romsdalseggen - one of the country's most spectacular mountain hikes.

Parking for Rampestreken

You can park at the starting point for Romsdalstrappa or at Rauma community house or Rauma Cultural House, which is 5 minutes away.

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