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The Atlantic Road - The most beautiful bike ride in Norway - from Molde

The Atlantic Road was in 2010 awarded as the most beautiful bike ride in Norway, by votes from the Norwegian website ut.no! The ride can be done both from Kristiansund and Molde, and here is a description from Molde. There can be some heavy traffic during the peak season and the trip is not really suitable for the youngest children to ride alone. The trip is beautiful and scenic.

Suggestion: Molde-Eide-Vevang-Kårvåg-Farstad-Bud You can choose to go by bus from Molde to Eide, and then start biking from Vevang. It is also possible to go by bus from Molde to the fishing village Bud. Vevang-Kårvåg: The Atlantic road is a 8 km stretch of road that winds its way from island to island, connected by eight bridges.The most spectacular bridge is Storseisundbrua. Stop at Eldhusøya, and try the "floating" walk around the island. Håholmen is an attraction you should take the time to visit, in summer there are departures from Geitøya to the beautiful Håholmen. Experience the Viking story of the norwegian adventurer Ragnar Torseth at the Saga Siglar hall.   You can also stop for other activities: Strømsholmen Diving Centre offers in the summer fishing trips, diving trips and seal safaris. If you want to go fishing on your own, you can safely try your luck standing on the fishing bridges on the Atlantic Road. Farstad: Take a detour Farstadstranda beach and hike the Farstad coastal path, six kilometers of lovely and hilly landscape with beatuiful view over the sea. The path leads you to Nordneset Lighthouse. Bud: In the 16th and 17th century Bud was the biggest trading post between Bergen and Trondheim. The last meeting of the national council in Norway was held here in 1533 under the leadership of Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson. Today, Bud is still an active and charming fishing village with a good fish restaurant and an interesting coastal fort and museum; Bud museum.  

Last updated: 05/06/2022

Source: VisitNordvest

The Atlantic Road - The most beautiful bike ride in Norway - from Molde

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