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Kristiansund N
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The fjord route: A 4-day mountain hike from Kvernberget to Halsa

Fjordruta is a marked hiking trail that runs in varied terrain and a bit on the road and consists of a 190 km marked trail with magnificent fjord- and sea views, over mountain ridges and through lush valleys by the coast.

The Fjord route have in total  13 cabins with good standard. Some of the cabins are catered, but most is self-ctered cabins where you need a DNT key to get in. The idea is based on trust and you find most of what you need to buy in the cabins of dry food.  Fjordruta has both challenging and easier hiking parts. and less demanding parts.  You should be in general good physical condition. Fjordruta crosses over several islands and peninsulas and can be done as a 14-day trip - or you can make a hike for just a few days. DNT-key can be purchased from Kristiansund and Nordmøre Tourist Association or buy it in one of the offices around Norway or buy it in advance in the DNT`s online strore,  Suggestions for 4-day trip:  Day 1: Kristiansund - Gullstein cabin. A total of about 8.5 hours.  Start the Kristiansund Airport. Walk in relatively flat, pine-clad terrain (approx. 1.5 h). Ferry Seivika - Tømmervåg about 25 min. Walking Tømmervåg - Trollstua cabin, about 1.5 h. Follow the signs about 200 m after the ferry landing. Hiking through open woods to Trollstua cabin. From Trollstua of Jørgenvågsalen with magnificent views over fjords, sea and mountains. The trip can be made easier by selecting the valleys between Jørgenvågsalen (Jurtind) and Skarven. Stay on the Gullstein cabin.  Day 2: Gullstein - Imarbu. A total of about 6.5 hours.  Walking from the cabin to main road Gullstein (about 3.5 hours). Path and the small road in a wooded area. Follow the road from Gullstein church, sign "Imarbu" (follow the main road on foot or by taxi), about 1.5 km. On the Soleim bridge, walk about 100 meters along the highway, take the path on the right side and walk in the grounds of Nauthattan, continue to Imarsundet bridges. After the bridges, turn right and follow signs to Imarbu (road). Last 300 m is the path, no way. Stay on Imarbu cabin.  Day 3: Imarbu - Nersetra, total about 5 hours.  From Imarbu along the footpath and road. Turn right, walk 800 meters on private toll road (pedestrians free), then about 1 km in the terrain. Continue on the toll road to the intersection Hundhammar lake. Path to Voll lake (north side). Forest terrain past Sagvatnet, then down to Foldfjorden. Go to the sea end (small path and road), steeply down towards the buildings. Cross the highway, follow signs to Nersetra. Stay on Nersetra.  Day 4: Nersetra - Kjelklia (close to Aure centre) - bus to Kristiansund (about 6 hours excluding bus)  Walking Nersetra over the mountains in the north-easterly direction down to Giset. Go over the bridges to Kjelklia (roundabout at Aure), bus from there to Kristiansund.

Source: VisitNordvest


The fjord route: A 4-day mountain hike from Kvernberget to Halsa

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