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The tourist train The Golden train - Roundtrip ticket


The Golden Train and the Rauma railway, awarded by Lonely Planet as Europe’s most scenic train journey in 2012 and 2022. Admire the wonderful Romsdalen valley with the emerald green Rauma river, the world-famous Trollveggen, Europe’s largest vertical rock face, the engineering masterpiece Kylling Bridge, and impressive Verma waterfall as some of the highlights.

History and majestic scenery

See the emerald green Rauma River, the world-famous Troll Wall, Europe's largest vertical cliff, the engineering masterpiece Kylling Bridge, and the impressive Verma Waterfall as some of the highlights.

The train journey is a round trip from Åndalsnes to Bjorli. You will be welcomed at Åndalsnes station by train hosts. Besides the stunning views of Norway's majestic landscapes during the train ride, you will experience the historical events of World War II, the roots of "the Golden Train." With your own mobile phone and headphones, you can download an audio guide in your preferred language - Norwegian, English, or German, and follow the historical events along the way.

The pace slows down while you get out your camera and gives you the opportunity to take fantastic pictures of the stunning natural landscape.

You will have a short break at our last stop at Bjorli train station. Here, you can disembark the train and breathe in the fresh mountain air at Bjorli station while experiencing a part of the Raumabanen's history up close.

After a short break, hop back on and continue your incredible journey, as the train is on its way back to Åndalsnes. The entire round trip takes about 2.5 hours.

Hop aboard and let's explore the wonders of the Golden Train together!

History of the Golden Train

During World War II, Norway undertook a secret mission to transport its gold reserves via the trainline to Åndalsnes as part of efforts to safeguard national assets from German occupation, sending it to safer locations, including overseas destinations such as the United Kingdom. The gold was disguised as mundane cargo, and secret routes were used to evade enemy patrols and checkpoints. Norwegian resistance fighters played a crucial role in facilitating this secret operation.

The successful evacuation and safeguarding of Norway's gold reserves held significant symbolic importance for the Norwegian government and its people. It demonstrated resilience against the German invasion and helped maintain Norway's financial sovereignty during the occupation.

Meeting Time and Place:

9:45AM (morning tour) and 12:45PM (noon tour) at Åndalsnes Train Station, Jernbanegata 1, 6300 Åndalsnes.

Duration of the tour:

Morning Tour: 9:55 – 12:23 (2 hours 28 min) 30 min stop at Bjorli

Noon Tour: 12:53 – 15:35 (2 hours 48 min) 30 min stop at Bjorli

Source: VisitNordvest


The tourist train The Golden train - Roundtrip ticket


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