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Trekanten - Hiking tour in Trollheimen mountain area

Trollheimen triangle via three lodges, Gjevilvasshytta, Jøldalshytta and Trollheimshytta, is one of the classic tours in Trollheimen.

Suitable for children from age 10 - 12 on.

Day 1: We`ve chosen to  describe the tour starting with arrival at the Gjevilvasshytta of an evening. You can get to Gjevilvasshytta by taking a train to Oppdal and a bus to Festa and/or on a cattle track to the lodge. Or in summer you can drive to the lodge. The tour on one of the most varied marked routes in Trollheimen, over Mellomfjell to the Trollheimshytta staffed lodge, takes 8 hours. The route goes between Gjevilvasskamman and Blåhø. From Nedre Kamtjern, you can take a side trip to Blåhø. The highest point of the tour is at Riaren, where a view opens up to inner Trollheimen. The final part of the tour is a steep descent from Skallen to the lodge.

Day 2: An 8-hour round trip to Snota from Trollheimshytta is one of the country's finest summit hikes. The tour through the big pine woods in Folldalen is an adventure. So it's worthwhile to spend an extra day at Trollheimshytta. The fishing is good, both on the hike over Mellomfjell and in Folldalen.

Day 3: There are three marked routes to the Jøldalshytta staffed lodge: the usual route via Geithetta takes 6 hours; the route through Svartådalen takes 5 hours; and the hike over the three summits of Trollhetta takes 9 hours. Each of the tours has its own attractions. Let the weather, your fitness and your interests determine the route to take.

Day 4: The tour back to Gjevilvasshytta takes 6-7 hours and is a fine day hike through the eastern, gentler parts of Trollheimen terrain. The last part, from the gallery, high and free over Gjevilvasdalen, down through the luxuriant vegetation under Tyrikvamfjellet and through Gjevilvassdalen's beautiful cultural landscape is a fine finale.

Source: VisitNordvest


Trekanten - Hiking tour in Trollheimen mountain area

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