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Trollheimen mountain area

The Trollheimen Landscape Conservation Area is a well-known hiking area between Trøndelag and Nordmøre, characterized by varied and lush landscapes.

Trollheimen boasts a rich history, and the landscape conservation area is still used for grazing, summer farming, reindeer husbandry, hunting, and fishing. The mountain area is unique in many ways, as it lies in a climatic divide, featuring distinctive geological conditions. This leads to a wide range of landscapes and natural types, as well as a diverse array of flora and fauna. The area has been used by humans since the Stone Age and still maintains a vibrant cultural landscape.

Explore Trollheimen

Whether you seek tranquillity or adrenaline, you can find great adventures here. Trollheimen has long traditions for hiking. Hikers will find a well-marked network of trails and both serviced and self-service places to eat and stay overnight. You will also find good options for cycling, fishing, or paddling.

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Trollheimen has numerous entry points with plenty of marked hiking trails that offer great opportunities for round trips and longer hikes between its many cabins. In several places, there is still activity at the mountain farms, and you will often encounter both domestic and wild animals as you make you way through this diverse and lush mountain wilderness.

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While in the area, a visit to Svinvik Gard is highly recommended. Kristina offer a unique culinary experience based on a healthy food philosophy and locally sourced ingredients. In this place you get to taste Trollheimen.

Hiking suggestion: Kårvatn to Innerdalen via Bjøråskaret

A route worth mentioning is the hike between Kårvatn and Innerdalen through Bjøråskaret. Often referred to as Norway's most beautiful hiking trail. It offers magnificent nature experiences, abundant wildlife, and many cultural traces from previous generations' way of life.

Kårvatn itself is worth a visit, boasting Europe's cleanest air and possibly Norway's best mountain equipment store - just to name a few. There is no reason to end your adventure upon arrival in Innerdalen. Stay overnight at Innerdalshytta or Renndølssetra, enjoy being at an authentic mountain farm food, climb Innerdalstårnet or continue hiking to Sunndalsfjella. Beautiful mountain lakes offer opportunities for fishing, paddling, and swimming, and the atmosphere in Innerdalen makes you want to stay and savor life.

For those seeking high mountain experiences, Sunndalsfjella is the place to go. But if you prefer to continue towards the coast, an alternative is to cross Surnadalen and continue along the Coastal Route. This path can take you all the way to Kristiansund.

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Trollheimen mountain area

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