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Trollveggen Visitor Center

Discover the majestic Trollveggen at Trollveggen Besøkssenter. Experience an architectural building and Europe's highest vertical rock wall at 1800 meters.

Trollveggen Visitor Center is located right at the foot of Trollveggen, Europe's highest vertical mountain wall. The upper spiers stretches almost 1800 meters towards the sky. The upper 1000 meters are vertical and holds a nearly 50 metres overhang.

Architecture, history and panoramic views

The visitor center is a spectacular architectural building, with large panoramic windows giving you a great view towards Trollveggen mountain massif. Learn about the dramatic history through film screenings in the auditorium, combined with unique images and sound clips from Trollveggen's long and unique position as an extreme sport destination. Watch the spectacular films from base jumping and climbing. Listen to the stories that have taken place in the mountain wall - including spectaculare climbing adventures, as well as rescue operations and drama.

Experiences at Trollveggen Visitor Center

Auditorium where the dramatic story of Trollveggen is told in a 14 min long film

Cafeteria with good food and drinks for travelers

200 m2 souvenir shop

View platform facing towards Trollveggen

A mighty panoramic view from the restaurant towards Trollveggen

Source: VisitNordvest


Trollveggen Visitor Center

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