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Toppbilde Smøla



Text and photo: Erik Hattrem


This statement is refuted all the time by people who deny that the earth is flat. But from the island of Smøla, there is open sea all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Not that it matters, as it is Smøla you want to experience.


The main island’s centre is a huge prairie with mountains on one side and the open ocean on the other, combined with thousands of smaller islands, islets and reefs, which gives the area a picturesque character.



Eagles on Smøla

Smøla boasts one of the world's largest sea eagle sanctuaries. The brothers Audun and Espen Lie Dahl will be your guides on an eagle safari with Smøla Naturopplevelser. They are also the people behind the Diamond hide, a one of a kind hideout for bird photographers. But these are only two of many activities from Smøla Naturopplevelser.

Activities on Smøla​

Diving/ birdwatching/ fishing/ trout fishing/ kayak/ bike/ golf


Hopen - Smøla


The Diamond

THis is not the scenes frome a new James Bond-film. But it is easy to imagine that the nemesis of Bond, SPECTRE, could have chosen the Diamond as their hide i an excotic ocean. 

The Diamond is something that unique as the only photo hide of this kind in the world, Where bird watching is taken into a higher level. 

This is only one of several photo hides and one of the activities that Smøla Naturopplevelser offer. 

The Diamond



The biggest fishing village south of Lofoten is inhabited by sensible people who get their food from the local grocery store and drink their coffee in Liebhaber coffee shop.

300 people live here all year round, and many more make a living of fishing and tourism in the area. Old and new buildings lie in dense clusters, and small museums and galleries are lining up along the road. Veiholmen also offers several maritime and pleasant restaurants and bars.





The coffee shop Liebhaber is one of only two shops at Veiholmen. It is clinged to the mountain only a few meters above sea level. Across the street, you will find the village’s grocery store.


Close encounters​

The Atlantic Road from Bud to Kårvåg is a 36-kilometre long road stretch that leads you across a number of bridges and causeways from island to island, right at the edge of the ocean. This masterpiece of a road has been voted “construction of the century” by Norwegians, and is ranked as one of the world's best road trips by the British newspaper The Guardian.


Liebhaber Kaffebar

Askevågen utsiktspunkt
Askevågen utsiktspunkt.
Photo: Erik Hattrem/tmax100.com
Askevågen utsiktspunkt.
Photo: Erik Hattrem/tmax100.com




The North Atlantic Road

Or the real Atlantic Road as some people call it, is winding its way to Veiholmen, across stone embankments and curved bridges. Many are those who claim that this is the real Atlantic Road. This is as far as you get without a boat.

Like a glistening desert snake it cuts its way through islets and sea on both sides of the road.

The North Atlantic Road

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